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As English teachers working in a low income community, we are very aware that our students lack access to opportunities and access that we took for granted growing up.


Bird Park Trip 
A memorable and educational trip to explore one of the largest walk in aviaries in the world with 120 of our most motivated and aspiring students.

We want to give them an experience which they would usually be unable to access, by organizing a year end trip as both a reward for their hard work and as a meaningful educational experience. We want our kids to be exposed to the importance of ecological diversity and environmental protection, and to be able to practice and appreciate the importance of English outside the classroom.

  • Students have a memorable and unique end to the school year
  • Learn about the lives of birds and the ecological benefits of saving the environment
  • Reflect on their experience in their journals & post-trip group discussions

Cost Breakdown 

jonathan cost

November 18, 2015 (Wednesday) 

120 of their most motivated and aspiring students explore one of the largest walk in aviaries in the world. The Bird Park Trip was supposed to take place on October 21st. Due to the haze conditions at the time, we postponed the trip to the 18th of November.

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