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Kumar* stopped coming to school sometime in May this year. I tried hard to get him to stay – I went to his house many times to persuade him, I spoke to his grandmother, his sister, his friends. His attendance waned, and then one day he just stopped coming completely. His reason: he lost interest, and he had to work. My heart broke but the more I thought about it the more I understood:

  • The concept of academic learning for a long term future goal like university and employment is not aligned to their reality, to help support their struggling families. Their motivations for learning would be with a more immediate goal – survival in their suburban, industrial community.
  • Individuals learn differently, but schools teach in mostly one way.


CHAMPIONS Community Learning Center
To provide 20 – 40 school children and out-of-school children, youths and adults among the underprivileged community in Sungai Petani, Kedah with the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for self-reliance:

  • Have basic literacy and numeracy
  • Have marketable skills
  • Have the habits and attitudes for a self-reliant community
  • Train others in the community with the skills acquired

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