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When we set up the first English Laboratory, we have 15 students who scored A and 58.92% passed! We noticed significant improvements in Form 3 students’ PT3 English results! However due to the limited lab space and timetabling issues of teachers, not all students are able to fully utilize the lab.


Moving forward I plan to set up a one stop English Centre for English teachers and students to get hold of storybooks, dictionaries, reference books and etc (with plans to have FREE TUITION after school or during the weekends to supplement this.) The room will be equipped with a laptop, one LCD projector, good sound system and special seating arrangement for the students. This will help them break free from the traditional classrooms seating arrangements (utilizing kidney tables & cushions) lowering students’ anxiety to learn English Language.

People do learn best when the environment is conducive. With your help, we hope to develop a close relationship with the students and an environment where mastering English as a second language is highly encouraged and supported closely by the teachers.


  • To enable students to learn the English language in a conducive environment.
  • To enable students to learn the English language in a setting that is different and less threatening from their existing traditional classroom.
  • To enable teachers to utilize technology in the teaching of the English language.
  • To act as a ‘One-Stop Centre’ for students to get hold of English reference books, story books, magazines, articles, etc.
  • To cultivate students’ interest to learn the English Language and inspire them to work harder to achieve better grades in their examination and in the School Based Assessment (PBS).
  • To turn an underutilised room into a useful facility.


Item Cost per Unit (RM)Units Total Cost (RM)
Magnetic Whiteboard (4 x 8)
Sound system160011600
Floor mat2302460
LCD projector and Projector screen150011500
Book shelf 2003600
Wiring and some minor renovation of the underutilised room900
Students’ kidney desks and cushions1000

*If you are kind enough to donate old books and dictionaries, we are very happy to accept them

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