Hands on Science for Fugee School

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“Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I will understand.” —Confucius

Hands-on science encourages children to observe, ask questions, touch, smell and experiment. Refugee children have experienced traumatic setbacks in their young lives- Help us provide them with learning opportunities to reach their full potential because NO child should be left behind.

Project Description 

Hi, I’m Deborah Priya Henry, Co-founder of  FUGEE School, a non-profit refugee school.

My mother was an educator, hence growing up, I was surrounded by teachers and conversations about  the value of education. It was the importance of education that led me to co-start Fugee School in 2009. What future does a child have without any access to school or knowledge? This project here is about providing my refugee students with good quality hands-on science exposure.

Hands on Science! 

Fugee School Experiential Learning Program with Science Bridge Academy

Thus far our students learn about the captivating world of science by staring at textbooks. This does not allow their minds to expand as much as hands-on experience would allow them to. The Hands on Science! Program at the Fugee School is a collaborative program with Science Bridge Academy. Through this program Fugee students will be exposed to interesting applications of science, using hands on/experiential learning.

The program provides students the opportunity to get out of the classroom and have exposure to scientific equipment and materials that are not available to them in their learning center. The program will supplement students’ regular science classes, which are given 4 times a week.


  • 40 program beneficiaries.
  • 12 hours of lab time per annum.
  • Greater understanding and appreciation of science and its role in society and innovation among participants.
  • Increased confidence and comprehension of scientific methods among students.

The beneficiaries are 40 secondary level Fugee Students.  There will be tangible and intangible outcomes.

  • More conducive learning environments.
  • Stronger foundational understanding of concepts and methods and how to apply them.
  • Improved confidence building and enhanced thinking skills.

*Reporting will be recorded in the form of student testimonial and survey response.

Cost Breakdown

Items Cost per unit (RM) Units Total cost (RM)
student fee/visit3040 students 1200
bus cost/trip3002 trips/month (students are broken into 2 groups of twenty)600
Total monthly cost: 1800 X 6 annual sessions

RM10,800 per annum. This will cover transport costs and student fees for 40 children.

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