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Despite being a 120 year old school in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, the library is not a common hangout place in my school. I took a step back and imagined myself in my students’ shoes — a library which is old, dull, warm is definitely not attractive. Then, I realised the library needs a makeover!

Project Description

Hi! I have been teaching since 2009 and am currently the Library Teacher at SMK Victoria, which many people know as Victoria Institution.

Our old library has 600 books and is the size of 3 classrooms. Despite our relatively huge collection of books and big space, students despise coming into the library. At the current rate, students are far from immersing themselves in books and the world of general knowledge as they prefer playing with electronic gadgets, card games or simply chatting. Our old library has old rattan chairs, non-functioning air-conditioners and our school does not have the funds to repair them. I dream of a library where the smell of books and the cosy atmosphere would entice students to read as soon as they step into the space!


Students want to be in a cosy library where they can lie down on carpets, sink into a comfortable couch or bean bags while reading their favourite novel or book. Air-conditioning, colourful beanbags, comfortable couch, as well as some new books would give the library a new fresh feel. With these new makeover, I expect the following outcomes:

  • A cheerful and comfortable library
  • More students participating in Nilam contest
  • More students using the library

Cost Breakdown 

ItemsCost per unit (RM)UnitsTotal cost (RM)
Colourful Bean Bags1205600
Air conditioners150023000
Couch 400
New books 1000
TOTAL: 5000

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