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While many sit and complain about our education system, a group of us decided to quit our high flying jobs in the corporate sector to teach students in rural areas and urban slumps. I was once a management consultant in an international firm. On weekends, I spent my time teaching English to a group of students. Here, I have met parents who not only struggle to put food on the table but also struggled to put their kids in school. That was when I decided to take that leap of faith to quit my job and be a teacher.


Project GUSTO (Ground up School Transformation)

A public-private-partnership that aims to transform schools through enhancing teachers’ pedagogical teaching thus improving students’ outcome.

Project GUSTO is founded by a group of young teachers who were adamant in making systematic changes in the education system. Inspired by a visit conducted to a trust school (a model whereby public schools are adopted by corporate organizations to drive transformation) in Johor, the teachers were so encouraged and inspired to replicate that similar transformation to the schools in which they were teaching. To some, that was also the turning point that made them remain in the teaching profession. At present, 5 schools from Penang and Perak have been selected to participate in this program.

The funding is for? 
Creating a 21st century learning environment for the students – To replace the blackboards across our 8 form 1 & 2 classes with whiteboards and equip 2 classes with a projector.

Project GUSTO is now 5 months into implementation. To date, teachers and principals have witnessed a tremendous transformation taking place in their schools. Eg: attendance have increased, students are actively asking and participating in lessons, teachers are collaborating more frequently to improve their lessons, etc.

Cost Breakdown

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