Projector for Surau Classroom

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The help of donors will provide my students a better learning environment. In such a small community like Lubok Buntar, it’s important to have creative, engaging, and interactive classrooms to expand students’ ability to learn. The atmosphere in which my students learn is not always the most optimal environment.

Project Description

I’ve served in the education industry for about 3 years now. Each time I’ve worked through an NGO where my main job is to teach English. My role as an educator is to create a fun, comfortable atmosphere for my students to learn a new language. English isn’t the easiest subject to learn at times but with the right resources and enough encouragement it is very possible. I want my students to be in a learning environment that feels more like their own.

This project came into fruition because my teaching space lacks creativity and resources for all learners. Working through an NGO, we don’t have enough money to fund a projector as it is seen as a luxury item in our organization. I currently teach both at the local SMK and surau, with most of my classes held in the surau. I usually use a small whiteboard in the classroom and while this is appeasing for my visual and listening learners, I often leave the kinesthetic learners behind.

When I give descriptions of things, again, speaking works well for listeners but neglects my other group of learners. When learning English, there should be elements of fun and excitement through songs, games, videos, movies and pictures. This way, all at one time I can include all my learners and keep them engaged. A projector may not seem like much but for my students and I, this would mean so much to our classroom- enabling them to watch English clips, hear different accents, sing English songs and encouraging them to use these tools outside the classroom. This projector is also an item that can be used to develop their skills even after I finish my teaching in my Kampung.

Project outcomes

There are about 90-100 beneficiaries for this project where I teach 5 days a week. When I’m finished with my posting at Lubok Buntar in July, the projector will be donated to the local SMK.

Cost Breakdown

Items Cost per unit (RM) Units Total cost (RM)
ESPON VS240 Projector 3000 from with shipping and handling11400

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