Provide Better ICT Access to Rural Students

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Help me provide better ICT access to my students. Every morning I get to school, the very first thing students would ask me with their gleaming eyes is, “Are we going to use the Computer Lab today, teacher…?” It breaks my heart to tell them “No.”

Project Description

Hi! I’ve been a teacher for 10 years now and am currently the ICT Coordinator at my school.

SK Kuala Selangor is in a small rural town where students don’t have much access to internet and IT facilities like computers, printer and scanner, except when they are in school. Most parents cannot afford to provide their children with such amenities due to their low income working as fishermen, estate worker, self-employed etc.

The thing is, my school only has one Computer Lab to cater to approximately 400 students. This makes things difficult as many teachers hope to host their class in the ICT room because teaching and learning is much more effective and fun there. Despite the lack of ICT facilities in the school, my students are hopeful to learn with ICT equipments and this has inspired me to provide better ICT facilities in the school.

This project will equip an empty room in the school with ICT facilities to overcome shortage of ICT space. Although we are a long way to being on par with urban schools’ facilities and access to knowledge, this addition will provide better access to our 400 students to improve their ICT literacy, connect to the online world of knowledge and learn in a more interactive environment.

Cost Breakdown 

Items Cost per unit (RM)UnitsTotal cost (RM)
LCD Projector 1,400
Interactive board1,500
Speakers 200
Wiring, installation and maintenance500
TOTAL: 6000

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