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When I started teaching Form 3 students, I realized that they have limited exposure on things and opportunities beyond their classroom walls. When they were assigned to excavate for online resources for their group presentations, project-based learning & Penilaian Tingkatan 3 (PT3), most of them could not produce a concrete quality output. It came to my knowledge that most of them have zero access to internet, limited facilities that could allow them to perform such activities and simply being technology illiterate.



SMART Research Classroom

Transformation of the History Room to:

  • Ameliorate the functionality of a room as a hub for students to unearth online resources for their learning
  • Provide the dais of exposure
  • Improve technology literacy
  • Incorporate technology and make learning full with jollifications

As I’m teaching 7 classes, a total of 230 students will be impacted per academic year.


Cost Breakdown

The maximum amount, RM5000 to buy few sets of desktop (aim to get 7 sets for 7 groups). The money will be used for wiring, installation and maintenance.

P.S. Would love to receive donations in the form of used/new computers/desktops (would be lovely) that could be installed in SMART Research Classroom.

Oct 5 2015, (Monday) 

Purchased the tablets  and have been utilized in the classroom since then.

Dec 27, 2015 (Sunday)

Passing rate of entire Form 1 moved from 70% (midterm) passing rate to 91% (final term). More than 50% of my students achieved more than 30% bound. The last (weakest) class showed a tremendous improvement! Passing rate from 31% (midterm) has jumped up to 74%(final term).

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