About Us

We’re here to support educators

Give.my is a crowdfunding platform that enables the public to directly contribute to teacher projects across Malaysia. We created Give.my for all the educators who want to initiate important creative projects for their students but struggle to get them funded. Teachers from Penang to Sarawak have used Give.my to raise funds from everyday people who want to create change in education, one classroom at a time.

Projects include the creation of learning spaces in their schools, instructional field trips for their students, and cultural heritage awareness workshops.

Give.my was created in partnership with…

  • MDEC
  • tandemic
  • Sekolahku
  • Kelip Kelip

… and with really wonderful support from

  • MDEC
  • tandemic

The Team

  • Momoko
    MomokoProject Manager
  • kal1
    KalCofounder and serial social entrepreneur

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