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Provide Better ICT Access to Rural Students

Provide Better ICT Access to Rural Students

Help me provide better ICT access to my students. Every morning I get to school, the very first thing students would ask me with their gleaming eyes is, “Are we going to use the Computer Lab today, teacher…?” It breaks…
SMART Research Classroom

SMART Research Classroom

If every students in Malaysia could have access to the same information and resources, each of them would have been able to start from the same starting point. As a result, no students will be left behind just because they…
Hands on Science for Fugee School

Hands on Science for Fugee School

"Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I will understand." —Confucius Hands-on science encourages children to observe, ask questions, touch, smell and experiment. Refugee children have experienced traumatic setbacks in their young…
Library Makeover

Library Makeover

Despite being a 120 year old school in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, the library is not a common hangout place in my school. I took a step back and imagined myself in my students’ shoes -- a library which…
21st Century English Learning Classroom for Orang Asli Students!

21st Century English Learning Classroom for Orang Asli Students!

Almost all of my students’ families live below the poverty line where access to ICT is a far-fetched luxury. When 30 of my students cramped around my laptop in the classroom with glimmers in their eyes, it sparked the drive…
Sensory Integration Tools for Children with Autism

Sensory Integration Tools for Children with Autism

When my students say “Wah! Cantiknya”, are able to sit down, or complete a task independently- we celebrate these valuable milestones with them. Children with autism experience difficulties in processing sensory information which makes everyday situations overwhelming but they have… makes it easy to support students and classrooms in need

Directly support student learning

Every project on directly supports the learning of students in need. 100% of your donation goes to support the project you choose

Know your impact

We vet each project that goes onto the platform to make sure it can make a difference. Once a project is completed, you get an impact report showcasing photos and the project execution

Full transparency

You know exactly where your money is going. Teachers provide a budget for each project and report back on how it was spent


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