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A Perfect Prefect (APP) is a project initiated by the Teach For Malaysia fellows currently serving in SMK Teriang Hilir. In our continuous effort to improve the school, we discovered there’s a severe lack of leadership qualities amongst the student population, beginning with the prefectorial board.

Project APP

To create a platform where student leaders from different schools could network, exchange point of views and polish their leadership skills:

  • Leadership camps and seminars
  • Learning excursions to schools with a well-established prefectorial board
  • Opportunities for prefects to lead community projects and school wide events

Currently, Project APP is planning to have its seventh activity: a State-Level Leadership Camptargeting prefects, mentors and leaders in three TFM Schools across Negeri Sembilan.  This activity will:

  • Polish their leadership skills by bringing them out of their comfort zone
  • Spark an initiative as a legacy and create a sustainable platform for leadership connecting government agencies, non-government organizations, schools, teachers and our leaders (students)

Cost Breakdown

app cost




Thus, we would love to earn the maximum amount, RM5000 to cover the expenses. The remaining amount will be collected through PIBG’s donation from three schools
. We are optimistic that the biggest outcome of Project APP would be sustained and introduced as an annual leadership camp in Negeri Sembilan.

December 27, 2015 (Sunday)

From the 3 days and 2 nights camping experience in Berhulu Camp, students gained the opportunity to discover their inner potentials as a school leader as well as their ability to create and collaborate as strong teams. From the indoor activity such as Emotional Test on the first night, students got to go through several stages of Q&A sessions to find out the specific type of leader they belong to followed by several Obstacle Challenges on the second day. 

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