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Fund my project right now to provide 25 schools rocketry workshops. Malaysia aims to have 500,000 degree holders in the field of science and technology by 2020 but we currently only have 85,000 science graduates. Malaysia is facing a bleak future with the erosion of scientific interest among its younger generation. So, LET’S MAKE THAT CHANGE TODAY!

At our first outreach programme in a rural school in Sabah, I noticed a boy who wore a very crumpled shirt. But, he was wearing a big smile on his face and this touched me. I thought, if we could get just one child to be interested in Science, it is already a great feat. But, why stop at one, let’s inspire the entire nation!

My name is Captain Faiz from the Astronautical Association Of Malaysia (AstroX). In the past 6 years, my colleagues and I have been promoting science by conducting rocketry workshops all over Malaysia in rural areas and in the cities.

We want to provide quality science education to school children across Malaysia through rocketry. 25 primary schools have signed up to organize Astronautics Club whereby 40 students per school are expected to be recruited, amounting to 1,000 students nationwide. Our impact study has indicated 78% conversion of students into the field of science after attending our programmes.

For that, we need RM 5,000 to fund 1,000 “Aspirasi Angkasawan” books as the backbone to our innovative programme that will be conducted by dedicated Science teachers as co-curricular activity.

Students will work on projects using the STEM method. In 6 months, teachers will report

  1. The number of members recruited,
  2. Their attendance, and
  3. Testimonials on their experience.

Cost Breakdown

Items Cost per unit (RM)UnitsTotal cost (RM)
Astronautical Association Of Malaysia (AstroX)’s ‘Aspirasi Angkasawan’ book510005000

Every member will receive a copy of Astronautical Association Of Malaysia (AstroX)’s  ‘Aspirasi Angkasawan’ book as their membership reference guide, which currently retails for RM25.90 at bookstores. However, for this project we are raising just enough to cover the cost of the book at RM 5.00 per copy.

The identified schools

SK Subang Bestari 2

SK Bandar Rinching

SK Setapak Jaya

SK La Salle

SK Bdr. Baru Sri Damansara 2

SK Bdr. Baru Sri Damansara 1

SK Lembah Subang

SK Damansara Damai 1

SK Bandar Baru Sri Damansara

SK Taman Megah

SK Assunta 1

SK Damansara Utama

SK Sungei Way

SK Damansara Jaya 2

SK Sri Petaling

SJKC Chung Hwa Damansara

SK Jalan Selangor 1

SK Kampung Tunku,

SJKC Puay Chai,

SJKT Vivekananda,

SK Seksyen 6, Kota Damansara,

Asia Pacific Smart School,

SK Taman Medan,

SK Subang,

SRA Integrasi Sg Chinchin,

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