Lasallian Expedition and Development Camp

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“Kem ini memberi semangat kepada saya di dalam sekolah.”- Fadzril.

Help us give teenage boys like Fadzril the opportunity to build their confidence and self esteem. Help them deal with issues like bullying, self doubt and negative personal image.

Project Description

Hi, I have been in the education industry for the past 25 years and have been facilitating student camps since 1996. I’m currently the Programmes Director at La Salle Centre (LSC). The LSC is a formation and training Centre that specializes in human development and leadership training programmes for administrators, teachers and youth, with a particular focus on the disadvantaged.

My colleagues and I noticed that there were a group of students in our schools who never got a chance to attend any school camps, either due to financial constraints or they were simply not chosen as these are students have discipline and academic challenges. L.E.A.D is an opportunity initiated to reach out to these ‘forgotten’ students who have troubles at home, school and society.

One of our participants in 2002 who came back as a volunteer has this to say;

My biggest take away from the LEAD Programme is that there is no better way to learn people management skills than to actively grab chances to lead others. The LEAD Programme is the first programme to give me first hand experience via their creative events. Geno Chang, Class of 2002 KPMG Financial Management Consultant 14 year old boys from disadvantaged backgrounds who have never attended any camps.

This 3 days 2 nights outdoor adventure camp aims to;

  • Develop the students’ confidence in themselves
  • Provide them the tools to cope with their everyday interactions with their peers.
  • Provide students a relaxed atmosphere where fun and open interactions and introspective reflections take place.
  • Build trust and inter-dependence
  • Team-building and fostering camaraderie

Lasallian Expedition and Development Camp

Some testimonies from past participants: 

I am Noah. I am from the group Banana Warriors. I really like this camp because I gain and learn a lot of things. For example, now I know to lead much better.  I know how to build a raft with bamboo. I got to know what is jungle trekking and also how it feels to stay in a jungle. I also enjoyed playing the base games and the treasure games. The food was also great. I hope I can attend this camp again. -By Noah a/l Raymond from St. George’s Institution, Taiping

Camp ini telah dianjurkan oleh La Salle Centre pada 21-23 Ogos, sangat menarik minat saya kerana ia mempunyai pelbagai jenis aktiviti seperti Treasure Hunt, jungle trekking, ‘Who Am I ?’ dan raft building. Ia menarik minat saya sepanjang masa saya di kem tersebut. Kem ini memberi kebaikan kepada diri saya dan juga peserta-peserta yang juga pergi LEAD camp yang dianjurkan oleh La Salle Centre. Kem ini memberi semangat kepada saya di dalam sekolah. Kebaikan yang saya dapat ialah menolong rakan yang lain jika ada masalah dalam mata pelajaran. Selain itu, sya dapat bekerjasama dalam kumpulan dengan lebih baik. Di samping itu, ia menolong saya supaya jangan malu di depan rakan-rakan. Saya harap kem ini akan lanjut sampai bila-bila. -Ahmad Fadzril, St.Michael’s Institution, Ipoh


Cost Breakdown 

Items Cost per unit (RM)UnitsTotal cost (RM)
Accommodation (30 boys + 15 Volunteers)102 nights x 30 pax600
152 nights x 15 pax450
Meals 262 days x 45 pax 2340
Transport (from school to venue)1500
Transport Claims (for volunteers)700
Materials 400
Pre-Event Meeting (this meeting facilitates an opportunity to gather background info on students)700
TOTAL: 6600

1. Who will be the trainer of the camp? 

Isaac Stephen, current Programme Director at La Salle Centre will be the lead trainer of the camp. He has 25 years of experience in the education field. Started off as a volunteer organiser at a Lasallian leaders’ convention in 92, he's been facilitating student camps since 1996.

2. Where will the camp be held? 

There will be around 3 to 5 camps to be held. For the moment, Coreen and her team are looking at 3 locations which are yet to be set in stone:

  • La Salle, Klang
  • St. George Institution, Taiping
  • St. Xaviers, Penang

3. Can my kids participate?

Only students of the schools which are in collaboration for the camp can participate in the programme. If you're interested to sign up for your kids, you could inform Coreen ( on the school your kids are attending. She will then try to approach the school to see if the school will be interested to join onboard.

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