21st Century English Learning Classroom for Orang Asli Students!

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Almost all of my students’ families live below the poverty line where access to ICT is a far-fetched luxury. When 30 of my students cramped around my laptop in the classroom with glimmers in their eyes, it sparked the drive in me to establish a 21st Century Learning Classroom for them.

Hi! It’s my fifth year teaching in SK Runchang, an Orang Asli School in Pahang.

SK Runchang is located in the centre of the lush greens of Muadzam Shah where students don’t have much access to internet and IT facilities like computers, printer and scanner, except when they are in school. Most parents cannot afford to provide their children with such amenities due to their low income as most survive by gathering rattan and other produce from the forest.

A conversation I had with a nine year old made me realize how difficult and impractical it is for an Orang Asli child to learn English. He lamented on the fact that no one uses the language at home, or anywhere in the community. There is no available ICT facility for them to connect with other people who use English. This makes English irrelevant to him.

But this just proves a huge urban-rural divide which drives me to take the bull by the horns. I tried to make English relevant to them by telling them cultural stories in English and now I want to help them see the world beyond their kampung through ICT because my students have so much potential! To facilitate their growth and help them connect to the world beyond their kampung, I hope to provide my Orang Asli students with a conducive  21st Century English Language Learning Environment.

This project will equip a room with 21st century facilities that is accessible to approximately 250 students of this school, as a centre point for 21st Century English Language Learning.

The outcome of this project is the continual use of the classroom throughout the year. The usage of the classroom will documented through written data records, photos and even videos.

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Cost Breakdown

ItemsCost per unit (RM)UnitsTotal cost (RM)
LCD projector1200
Wiring of faulty electrical points 200
Rubber mats200
Internet for a year1508 months1200
Internet router200
Round classroom tables800
Book shelves 500
Shoe racks300
TOTAL: 5000

PS: Donations of used Laptops or Tablets are most welcome, as they will be placed in the classroom making it accessible to the students at any time. Due to the lack of space, we do not prefer desktops. Please contact me at loity25@gmail.com.

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