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One of the students approach me one day right before the Raya holiday and said that he has never had the opportunity to go out of Mahang. He continued by asking me to take him to my house for the Raya trip. Upon hearing this I began to slowly ask some of the other students about their situations. Eventually, I discovered that going out of Mahang and even going to Kulim is a luxury that some of them can’t afford. With such limited exposure, what most lacking for my students is also this value of cultural awareness and also respect for the other races.

Post Raya Trip

To cultivate awareness in my students on the importance to learn and respect the cultural differences that we have right now in Malaysia, I would like to bring my 40 students for a 2D1N post ‘Raya’ trip to Penang, visiting various cultural sites. The factors contributing to my initiative includes:

  • Penang has amazing cultural heritage
  • Because I believe that at their age right now, it is a great time to foster this appreciation for different culture and make them embrace the uniqueness that every race in Malaysia have to offer

Cost Breakdown
azzuan cost

Oct 1, 2015 (Thursday)

  • The students were assigned to interview different people at various locations to understand different cultures better.
  • The students get to know each other more and they are now closer to each other.

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