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This is a third year of my teaching career here at SK Airport, Belaga. 4 hours of 4WD driving from Bintulu and 30 minutes of boat riding, there is my school. As a sports teacher, I determine to contribute as much as I could. When I was first posted here in 2012, I involved in organizing the Sports Day. It was great to see the whole community got involve in such event. There were no medals for the winners; just a few soaps wrapped in ‘kertas minyak’ as the presents. They accepted them proudly. However, that was it. For certain reasons, we couldn’t organize the event on the following years.
It is responsibility to make it happen again this year and I’m planning to make it better. Pupils have been working so hard this year and they deserve something as rewards.


Relight the Sports Day 

The initiative here is to provide medals for the winners and buying “tug of war” rope so the whole community could enjoy participating the events. This is the event that could unite us and encourage pupils to love their school, parents to involve more in school events, and teachers to see their pupils shine in co-curriculum aspect.

Cost breakdown

syamil cost

Would love to accept donations in form of used “tug of war” rope too!

Nov 11 & 12, 2015 (Wed & Thurs)
SK Airport, Belaga had finally organized its 2015 Sports Day after its previous Sports Day in 2013. The funds raised are mostly used to purchase presents for the students. This time around, the winners have medal, trophies and even hampers. Not only the kids enjoyed themselves, the whole Belaga community were so happy to see Sports Day being relived. Stay tuned to see more photos!

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